Nora – 2.5 months

In the beginning, I co-slept with Nora.  It worked very well at first, but at about 2.5 months of age, everything changed.  She needed to be latched on almost all night in order to sleep, and I was exhausted all day.  I also had neck and back pain from positioning in bed.  I decided to have Nora sleep in her own crib at this point, but it often took me 3 hours of rocking and nursing until she would finally fall asleep.  She was often up again in one or two hours. I  could not get her back to sleep most nights so I ended up giving up and taking her into my bed every night around 3am.  Nora only napped in her swing or carseat.  There were days she hardly napped at all.  I was exhausted every day.  At one point I felt I should not be driving and was losing my patience with my toddler due to sleep deprivation.  I had heard about SleepWell Baby through both a friend and Mommy Connections.  I knew we needed help.

In talked to Kristal on a Sunday morning after a particularly rough night.  We started right away, and Nora settled herself to sleep much more easily than I had anticipated.  By night two there was a drastic difference in her sleep, and by night three she slept the whole night (12 hours) with just one feed.  Now, at 5 months, Nora has 3 naps per day, sleeps 12 hours at night (on average) and wakes one time for a feed at night. She is also napping regularly three times a day.   She is a more content baby now, I am well rested, and I believe l am a better mother to both of my daughters.  My husband is happier too!

I could not have done this without Kristal.  I needed her guidance and support.  She made me feel much more confident about the process and helped me to understand the health and psychological benefits of good sleep.  SleepWell Baby definitely changed our lives for the better!

– Melanie

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