Oliver – 13 months old

Oliver was a good sleeper until about 4 months then everything changed. He started waking up multiple times a night & would not nap in his crib. We fell into some bad habits of rocking him to sleep, nursing him to sleep, basically anything to get him to sleep. We tried many things but could not get him to stay asleep all night on his own & eventually just resorted to him sleeping with us for part or all of the night so we could all get some sleep.

We heard about Amanda through a friend who had also worked with her & had great success, so we contacted her immediately & are so thankful we did! Oliver fell asleep on his own & slept through the night (for the first time ever) with zero wake-ups on Night 1! And he has done so every night since we started the program! He is doing amazing, and we are all getting some much needed sleep! I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is having sleep issues with their children, she is fantastic and has changed our lives!! The only regret I have is, we didn’t hear about her 6 months ago!

– Kendra

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