Parker – 15 months old

“My 15 month old son Parker had been waking up twice a night and would only fall back asleep with a bottle. I had finally had enough and called Amanda. She set us up with a sleep plan and we started that night. The first time he woke up that night we did what she told us to and by an hour he had fallen asleep on his own without a bottle! He woke up a second time and within minutes he fell back asleep and slept till the morning. I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Night number two we put Parker to bed at 7 and he slept till 7 in the morning. No wakings! He sleeps through the night all the time now. If he does wake he knows what to do to put himself back to sleep. Its amazing! It’s so nice to put him to bed and not have to go back in his room till its morning. Amanda was amazing to work with she gave me all the information and support that I needed. She has given me back my sleep 🙂 thank you. I just wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to call. I tell all my friends about her.

Thanks so much!”

– Rochelle

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