Quin – 11 weeks old

“We received the SleepWell Baby program as a baby gift, let us just say it was the best gift we could have ever received  We were given the opportunity to help our baby become an independent sleeper early on, little did we know how much it would change our lives.

We never considered our son Quin to be a bad night sleeper, but trying to get him to nap was becoming very exhausting for the both of us. We were beginning to develop some bad habits that would have been very difficult to break further down the road. Nap time was impossible some days, with Quin sleeping maybe 30 minutes twice a day or only sleeping while in my arms or in the swing.
We started the program when Quin was 14 weeks old, by the third night we had moved past a night feeding to a full 12 hour sleep (without a soother!) and within the first week our napping routine was solid. Quin was now a well rested, happy baby. The fact that we can put him in his crib awake and he is content falling asleep on his own is amazing! It is much easier leaving the house with him now that we have predictability in our days.

It wasn’t until working with Amanda that we learned how much we could help our baby improve. Being new parents, with all the material and different views out there we found we were often second guessing ourselves, the guidance from Amanda gave us the confidence, comfortability, and reassurance we needed. ”
Thank you Amanda!

– Shanneen & Parker

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