Russell – 1 year old

SleepWell Baby changed our families lives!

Fro 6-10 months old my son Russell was waking a minimum of 5-7 times per night. His sleep was getting progressively worse and during some of those wakes, he would be up for an hour or more at a time. When our old methods of nursing, rocking, bouncing, co-sleeping, and holding my son while he slept, had stopped working we decided to call SleepWell Baby.

Although we had many healthy sleep habits (white noise, bed/bath routine) we needed to make some changes and we needed support/guidance in doing so. Our SleepWell Baby consultant, supported us every step of the way. She provided us with practical information and a plan that was personalized to Russell’s needs and our parenting style. As someone who identifies as an attachment style parent, I did not think that hiring a sleep consultant would be for us, even though our Family Doctor, Naturopath Doctor and nurse had advised us that it was vital for Russell’s development to be getting adequate sleep and that this may involve some protesting and tears. It was not until we called SleepWell Baby that we were able to accomplish this. Our only regret during the process was that we had not called sooner!

Currently, Russell (one year old) has 2 naps a day and sleeps 11 solid hours at night. Russell, who has always been an ‘easy going’ baby, is now happier, more playful and much gentler than when he was sleep deprived. As better rested parents, we have more energy to play with and enjoy our amazing little boy. As husband/wife we have our evenings to enjoy time as a couple, while our son gets the rest he needs and deserves.

I would definitely recommend SleepWell Baby and their competent and compassionate sleep consultants!

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