Get Sleep Now!

Whether you live near or far, our group of Certified Child Sleep Consultants will help your family rest easy!  We’ve worked with families who live in small prairie towns in our own backyard and in big cities across the globe.  We offer both in home and phone/Skype consultations to meet your needs no matter where you live.  We are committed to supporting you as your family makes sleep a priority.


15 Minute Phone Consult: FREE

The best way to decide if we can help you and your child is to simply give us a call! We are currently offering free 15-minute telephone consultations where we can talk a little bit about your child’s situation and discuss possible solutions.


Back on Track:

This package is for parents who have met with us in the past and are looking for a refresher.   If you have hit some bumps in the road or need some support in navigating through new challenges this is the package for you.


Getting Ready for Baby:

This proactive package ensures that you and your partner are both well equipped with the tools and skills required to have your baby sleeping well right from the start. Learn these tricks preemptively while your mind is fresh and well rested!



If you truly feel like you have tried everything and your child still isn’t sleeping, this is the package for you.  The Save our Sleep package provides the most support including a 90 minute consultation and 2 week follow up period.


Sleep Stay:

This private consultation will take place overnight in the comfort of your own home.  Ensuring maximized support, your consultant will come into your home to coach you through the first night of the sleep plan with your child.


SleepWell Slumber Party :

When you’re as passionate about sleep as we are, why not party?  If you and your friends regularly commiserate about being exhausted and are ready to make a change, the SleepWell Slumber Party is calling your name.  Gather your friends and join us for a group consultation.  Each participant will receive a sleep plan for their child as well as a week of follow up email support.