SleepWell Baby does it again!

After having a successful sleep training experience with our oldest son we never thought we would need to work with a consultant for our second baby…but then baby came and we were back to sleepless nights and thinking to ourselves “how is this happening again!!!!” Even though we had been through the program with our oldest we decided we still needed help getting our newest member of the family into our good sleep routine. Thanks to SleepWell Baby we were able to get our 4 month old sleeping through the night (only feeding once) within the first week. He is now sleeping all on his own at night and for all of his naps. So while we already knew what the sleep plan would entail, it was the constant support that we received that was so valuable to us. Thank you SleepWell Baby, we are now all getting the sleep we need and are happily adjusting to being a family of four!

Lindsay and Ryan Sutherland

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