Ensuring employees get adequate sleep will benefit your entire organization.

Reduce Absenteeism

Sleep deficiency offsets the body’s equilibrium, causing long term health issues and increases susceptibility to stress and illness. To an employer this means sick days and lost revenue. When employees achieve optimal sleep, they come to work happy and healthy.

Increase Workplace Safety

A well rested employee performs better in problem solving activities and is better equipped to make decisions in challenging situations. Allowing the body adequate time to rest and coming to work mentally focused ensures that every employee is given a safe environment to work in.

Create a Positive and Motivated Team

Companies reap the benefits of committing to the health and wellbeing of their staff and focusing on healthy adult sleep is a great place to start. Achieving an optimal level of sleep creates a productive workplace with communicative and motivated employees.

We are here to help

Time is a limited commodity and we often sacrifice sleep in order to accommodate the demands of having a busy family and professional life. We falsely believe that we can survive on less when the truth is, lack of sleep negatively impacts every aspect of our lives. Our goal at SleepWell Consulting is to help determine how much sleep your body needs and establish effective sleep patterns that renew and recharge your body and mind.


Corporate Sleep Clinics

SleepWell Consulting provides Corporate Sleep Clinics in a larger group setting. The focus of our clinic is on just how much lack of sleep can negatively impact productivity and workplace safety and why your employees may not be getting as much sleep as they need. We provide your organization with effective tips and solutions to help all employees meet their basic sleep needs, and ultimately become healthier, happier, and mentally focused.

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