SleepWell Spotlight: A Dad’s Words

A SleepWell Story…

SleepWell StoryFor the Dad’s out there, I was once like you. Our little guy was doing alright, the odd waking at night for a feeding, sleeping on and off through-out the day. We were figuring it out, sorta, step by step like all new parents. Then bam, at 6 months he decided 2 hours was his sleep limit. And naps? Nah, he was too cool for naps. So at 6 months, our family began to struggle. He fought sleep and we fought each other trying to get him to sleep. I’m a bright guy, I figured a book and a computer and I could figure it out. And I’m sure I could have. That is why I was hesitant when my wife told me she had talked to a sleep consultant company. Paying for something we could learn on our own? Then she said she had already made the booking and set the appointment…. oh well, might as well roll with the punches right?

Well now I can say it was the best money we ever spent and what I consider a really great investment in our family. Our consultant was able to do an in home visit. She asked questions about our lifestyle, or work hours and time commitments. She looked at our environment, discussed our parenting styles, etc. And the next day we were given our customized sleep plan, a plan that was for our family. We went to work. We followed the plan and on night 1, we had a 12-hour sleep, out first since he was born. We were shocked. For the next couple weeks we exchanged emails and a few phone calls while we worked the plan and got the naps working just as well as the nights. And now, it’s EASY. Anyone can put our little guy to sleep, and pretty much anywhere. It’s no longer a fight to get to bed, it’s a simple, fun, family routine and off to bed. We have our nights back. And when we were done, we discovered something.  Our son is a completely different kid when well rested. He’s fun, he’s energetic, he’s happy. He doesn’t have meltdowns or tantrums. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff. And you know what? We are too. My wife and I are back on the same page, a team. We no longer are doing rock/paper/scissors for bed or naptime. We no longer are grumpy after a bunch of night wakes, resenting the other for sleeping through them.

Looking back, could we have done it on our own? Maybe. I’m sure with those books, that computer, and a lot of trial and error, we would have eventually found us something that got us through the night. But I don’t think our end result would have been as good, and I know we wouldn’t have gotten there as quickly. Just having someone available, a support system with a confident answer to the issues as they came up made things so much easier and saved us so much time and frustration. The sooner we got the sleep question solved, the sooner we got back to our happy family. So, as I said earlier, don’t hesitate, it will be one of the best investments in your family you can ever make. Thanks again SleepWell!” – Jared

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