SleepWell Spotlight: Johnny

Here’s Lisa’s story…

Getting our 2 year old, Johnny, to sleep has always been a bit of a process. Rocking, soothing, bottle – as parents we spent each night ‘soothing’ him to sleep. As a new baby we loved it. As he grew older (now 2) that process became very long and drawn out. He began manipulating us as most 2 year olds do!

Bedtime wasn’t feeling warm and fuzzy anymore. It was becoming a 2 hour process some nights. To add to that, Johnny started escaping his crib! He was climbing out in the night and wandering the house. Getting him back to sleep in his crib was another lengthy process.

Our SleepWell consultant, Teresa knew she could help us from the get go. My husband and I had a brief phone meeting with her, and gave her a rundown of our evening battle. Teresa was able to quickly determine some key changes we needed to make. Within 24 hours Teresa got back to us with a “sleep plan.” This was a game changer!

By committing to this plan, it took approx 1 week to train our son to sooth himself to sleep, and stay in his crib. Teresa showed us our son is much smarter and confident than were giving him credit for! Teresa chatted with us throughout the initial process, and kept us on track. She was our third party “support system.”

What I liked about Teresa is I never felt she was judging our bad habits. Her approach wasn’t about “telling us what to do”… it was about education and support. She sincerly wanted to help us and had our child’s best interests at heart. There is no manual when it comes to getting your child to sleep. SleepWell understands that. Our plan was customized to our family and routine, and was centralized on empowering my son. I loved that!

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