Star Sleeper of the Month: Holden

This is Amanda G’s testimony. Her son Holden was 6.5 years old when we worked together.

baby and child sleep consultation servicesHolden was unable to fall asleep on his own and would wake in the middle of night and needed someone to lay next to in order to go back to bed.

We heard about SleepWell Baby through word of mouth. I was impressed how genuine Erin Francis was via e-mail and phone consultation. She wasn’t pushing the program, rather she listened to my story and was empathetic of my struggle. She gave great initial advice that helped convince me to pursue a package.

From day one it was fantastic. The consultant was understanding and sympathetic to what we were going through. We felt instantly at ease and on board with her plan. Her daily e-mails were encouraging and kept us in line – and our son looked forward to his special messages from his “sleep coach.” All advice was taken and made quick improvements in his sleep, night by night.

Holden now falls asleep on his own! With no special props, other then Piper – his prized stuffie!

Holden might wake in middle of night, but he puts himself back to bed and we all sleep the rest of the night without moving beds. It’s a dream!

We won the lottery with our experience with Amanda. Absolute professional with the warmth of a friend and a mother’s intuition with lived experiences to complete the package!

My message is that it’s not too late to correct years of poor sleep habits. I thought we were destined to be sleep deprived – after just 2 weeks, the change has been tremendous. We all have more zip in our lives

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