Star Sleeper of the Month [May]

star sleeperName: Heather Kohl, from Martensville, SK

Age of child or children we helped: 7 months

Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: Daytime naps were 30 minutes.

How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby? Friend

Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby: They know their stuff !

Please share your overall experience working with SleepWell Baby: When we first started working with SleepWell, I was scared of the little changes that were recommended. After just one day of making the changes our baby was rocking out good restful day time naps.

What results did you receive from working with one of our certified child sleep consultants? The confidence and support we received was amazing. Working with Sharmayne provided me with the knowledge and confidence to be persistent. The results of all her little tricks and tips are amazing.

Name of consultant you worked with? Sharmayne Schmitt

Overall rating from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best: 5

Other comments/notes:Having a rested baby makes our days so much brighter. Instead of spending our days trying for “another” nap we are able to enjoy our happy, rested baby !!!

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