Mya – 4 1/2 months old

“We could never have realized how sleep deprived we were until now looking back over the last couple of months. Our lives have done a 360 and we feel like totally new people. Mya is doing so amazing that we actually feel bad telling people about how well she sleeps because it sounds to good […]

Liam – 4 months old

“Liam is our second child and I thought that I was prepared for all things to do with baby sleep. Our first child was never a great sleeper, taking several short catnaps throughout the day, taking forever to get him to go to sleep at night only to wake up a couple of times throughout […]

Jase – 4 months old

“Our son was never a good sleeper from day one.  For him to sleep more than two hours at a time was rare. To top it off, he also had acid reflux and colic.  When your baby cries a lot, you take drastic measures to calm them down and try to put them to sleep. […]