Mackenzie – 7.5 months

I called SleepWell baby when my daughter was 7.5 months old because I was lost and didn’t know what to do. She would only nap during the day if she was being nursed to sleep and then held or in the vehicle moving. These naps would last maybe 15 min. She also wasn’t sleeping at […]

Zaxton – 7 months

Zaxton was 7 months old  when we began sleep training. I dreaded the nights knowing that Zaxton would only sleep for an hour, maybe 2 at the most. The only way we could get Zaxton back to sleep was by rocking him and/or  giving him a bottle.  I was exhausted and at my wits end when a friend […]

Lucas – 7 months old

“My husband and I had been working hard to help our son—Lucas—get enough sleep. I had done considerable reading and followed several of the different techniques and tips recommended. We had made good progress on falling asleep but staying asleep was another matter. Finally after seven months of exhaustion, with Lucas getting up numerous times […]

Jaxon – 7 months old

“After spending several weeks getting up with our baby boy every two hours to nurse him back to sleep, who was 7 months old at the time, I felt totally exhausted could not keep it up. I had read so many books, online articles, and talked with friends/family, but still did not have a clear […]