Confessions of a Sleep Consultant

As a mom to two babies who were insomniacs I did some crazy things all in the name of sleep.  I developed an intricate dance of nursing, rocking, laying, and tiptoeing to get my babies to sleep.  On more than one occasion I strapped them into their car seats, drove until they fell asleep, then […]

Why Your Newborn Should NOT be Sleeping Through the Night

So you’re out and about with your first baby and you run into that smiling, elderly woman at the grocery store who asks you the two standard new baby questions: 1) Is he a good baby? And 2) Is he sleeping through the night yet?  And like most new mothers, your answer to question one […]

Products We Love

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the fabulous consultants at SleepWell Baby are a little obsessed with sleep.  We love helping families rest easy and we’re always on the look out for products that can help your family get the sleep you need.  I asked the SleepWell Baby team to share their favourite sleep […]

Blake- 5 months

Our baby was 5 months old and I was becoming desperate.  He was not sleeping during the day unless I nursed him to sleep and held him in my arms for hours at a time.  If I tried to set him down in the crib he would wake up right away and cry.  At night […]