Russell – 1 year old

There isn’t enough gratitude or thank you’s in the world to adequately express what Veronica did for our family. The bottom line is that she saved us. At 2 months old, Zakai was diagnosed with acid reflux and would only fall asleep in a swing or after being rocked. When his 4 month sleep regression hit, he was up every 60-90 minutes through the night. Within 2 weeks, Veronica taught Zakai how to self-soothe and put himself back to sleep. Today, Zakai is a happy, healthy baby full of smiles, energy and love. The sleep he now gets at night is helping him develop at an amazing pace and we owe it all to Veronica. If you are questioning whether or not you should call SleepWell Baby, stop thinking and call. It will change your life.

Keaton – 16 months old

“My son was a great sleeper until he was 3 months old, all my friends were so envious that my newborn slept through the night, like from 10-7.  But then it changed.  I think the most he woke up was about 10 times in 1 night.  Sometimes it was just briefly but others it was […]