Ella – 10 months old

Prior to contacting Veronica at SleepWell Baby our 10-month old baby girl was struggling with sleeping and consequently, so were we. She had been sleeping 3 to 4 hours in a stretch in the nights with sporadic napping throughout the day but by the time she was 10 months old she had actually regressed to […]

Ellise – 2.6 years old

Well I am not sure if we choose the best or worst time to do sleep training. A New job looming, hubby in the thick of harvest, two busy kids, (aged 2.5 and 4) who do not sleep and a million things on my to do list we had a really rough night. We were […]

Jett – 8.5 months old

“Amanda handles her clients with such confidence that you JUST KNOW reaching your goal is the only option. She passed that confidence on to me, by sharing her knowledge and explaining the changes I was going to make to get Jett sleeping. There were no if’s, possibly’s, or hopefully’s. I knew how to handle every […]