“Start Early With Healthy Sleep Habits”

Start Early With Healthy Sleep Habits

You’ve passed the newborn phase, you’ve noticed changes in your baby’s sleep, and now you might be wondering, What’s the next step with sleep? Around the 6-8 week mark is the perfect time to start establishing healthy sleep habits.   The first 6-8 weeks of a baby’s life are exciting and tiring for new parents….

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“Teresa’s SleepWell Baby”

All of the consultants at SleepWell Baby are moms.  Most of us have become passionate about sleep because of our own experiences, struggles and triumphs with our own children’s sleep.  I am a mom to three boys, ages 4, 2 and 4 months.  As a sleep consultant, I get asked constantly if my own children…

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“Why Your Newborn Should NOT be Sleeping Through the Night”

So you’re out and about with your first baby and you run into that smiling, elderly woman at the grocery store who asks you the two standard new baby questions: 1) Is he a good baby? And 2) Is he sleeping through the night yet?  And like most new mothers, your answer to question one…

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“Why Your Newborn Should Not be Sleeping Through the Night”

Hi SleepWell Families!  Alysa here!  I’m so happy to be the SleepWell Baby resident blogger.  I’m also excited to announce that the SleepWell Baby team will be lending our expertise our favourite pregnancy and baby blog, Pregnant Chicken! If you are in the midst of newborn parenting and sleep is no longer a part of your…

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