Peyton – 5 months

Peyton was not a good sleeper and often woke every 1.5 – 2.5 hours. With each wake I would feed Peyton to put her back to sleep. Our family was in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation! Our sleep consultant, Telanne, worked with us to develop a sleep plan that we were comfortable with and supported us 100% of the way.  By night three Peyton had gone from 4-5 wakings in the night, to waking once to feed and going right back to sleep. Peyton is now a wonderful sleeper, and the days of overtiredness and anxiety regarding bedtime are gone.  Our experience with SleepWell Baby has been life changing, and we rave about it to anyone who will listen!

How to Encourage Sweet Dreams

If sleep is scary for your little one, chances are neither of you are getting enough of it.  Nightmares and night terrors can be frightening for both the child experiencing the bad dream and the loving parents who find themselves unsure of how to guide their child back to sleep.   How can you help your […]

Danica – 3.5 months

Danica was a great sleeper from the day she was born. It wasn’t until the 7-8 week mark that I noticed changes in her sleep habits and overall temperament and daily behaviour. Quickly, my happy, great sleeping baby was waking more and more throughout the night and needed to be nursed to sleep. During the […]

Molly – 2.5 years

If you are struggling with getting your kids to sleep at night and find yourself up multiple times through the night, I would highly recommend the services that SleepWell Baby is able to provide. Our two and a half year old daughter slept reasonably well up until the birth of our son.  With a new […]

Owen – 3.5 months

Owen has come leaps and bounds from just 8 days ago, I can’t even explain how much progress we have made! He is such a happy baby now, before the sleep training Owen had a frown that he wore right from day one and it has totally disappeared, he is more content on his own, […]

Awnyx – 6 months

On July 15th, 2013 my husband Colan and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 4 pounds 10 ounces. It was love at first sight, and we named our precious gift, Awnyx. From day one, Awnyx was a unique baby. The first three months with Awnyx consisted of naps no longer […]

Avery – 14 weeks

It’s hard to imagine how different Avery’s sleep habits were just one month ago!  He was 10 weeks old when his sleep patterns began to change, and at 14 weeks old, we decided we needed help!  At night, he began waking at midnight and every hour after that for a soother to be put back […]

Emma – 11 months old

Emma was around 11 months old when we engaged your services. At the point when we called SleepWell Baby, a typical night in our house went like this: I would put Emma down for the night at around 7 or 8 pm. This was done by first nursing her and then bouncing her until she fell […]

Zayne – 6 months old

I was at the end of my rope. Jerry works nights so it felt like a big struggle for me in the night to keep Zayne sleeping. He was sleeping pretty good, so I thought up until he was 4 months. He is now 6 months and waking up about 4-8 times a night. Jerry […]

Wilf – 18 months old

“The SleepWell program with Amanda Hudye has been a life changing experience. We have our lives back!  Amanda was amazing. She was incredibly reassuring, laid out the process in a clear and easy to follow method, and answered all of our questions with calm and ease. Thank you for such a positive experience!” – Kaelee