Tips For Bedtime With More Kids Than Parents

Whether you’re a single parent, or just find yourself flying solo at bedtime, having more kids than parents can make bedtime a challenge.  If bedtime is chaotic in your home, chances are your family isn’t resting easy.  Follow our tips for bedtime when you have more kids than parents for a smoother evening that will […]

Siblings – 7 months, 3 and 5

Our smartest decision as parents was to hire SleepWell Baby, with both our second and third child, each when they turned six months old. I read every book and tried everything except letting them cry it out. When we hired SleepWell it was unbelievable how quickly they became amazing sleepers. Our three kids, 7 months, 3, and 5, all sleep (basically) from 7pm-7am. The baby has two peaceful, PREDICTABLE naps. The three year old has a structured quiet time. SleepWell’s plan will make sickness, travel, teething, and everything else so much easier to deal with.  Your sleep consultant will equip you with the tools you need and guide you through the process. IT WILL WORK and the result will be a happy, rested family.