Confessions of a Sleep Consultant

As a mom to two babies who were insomniacs I did some crazy things all in the name of sleep.  I developed an intricate dance of nursing, rocking, laying, and tiptoeing to get my babies to sleep.  On more than one occasion I strapped them into their car seats, drove until they fell asleep, then […]

Peyton – 5 months

Peyton was not a good sleeper and often woke every 1.5 – 2.5 hours. With each wake I would feed Peyton to put her back to sleep. Our family was in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation! Our sleep consultant, Telanne, worked with us to develop a sleep plan that we were comfortable with and supported us 100% of the way.  By night three Peyton had gone from 4-5 wakings in the night, to waking once to feed and going right back to sleep. Peyton is now a wonderful sleeper, and the days of overtiredness and anxiety regarding bedtime are gone.  Our experience with SleepWell Baby has been life changing, and we rave about it to anyone who will listen!

Ellise – 2.6 years old

Well I am not sure if we choose the best or worst time to do sleep training. A New job looming, hubby in the thick of harvest, two busy kids, (aged 2.5 and 4) who do not sleep and a million things on my to do list we had a really rough night. We were […]

Lee – 5 months old

“I am the mother of a beautiful little boy.  He was starting to sleep pretty good around 3 months, then at 4 months he got a cold and of course you do all you can to comfort them. That is when I started rocking him to sleep and every time he woke at night. A […]