Van – 8 months old

“Van was born June 13th, 2011. A healthy little boy, he took to breastfeeding like a pro and like most babies woke up 3-4 times a night in the early months. Like most mothers, I was feeling the effects of little sleep but kept telling myself, “This won’t last…..wait until he’s 4 months, things will get better.” We were bed sharing which seemed to make the most sense and I loved being close to him. Four months came and went, soon turning into six and seven. Instead of improving, his waking increased to 6, 7 and 8 times a night! Every morning I would say, “I can’t do this anymore!” and yet it continued. Sleep began to consume my every waking thought and I was having a hard time functioning. I talked about it to other mothers who in turn told me that their child either slept through the night from 1 month on and others who said they implemented the ‘cry it out’ method, aka ‘Ferberized’. A huge advocate of attachment parenting I just couldn’t bear the thought of letting him cry so I read some books such as the ‘No Cry Sleep Solution’. It all made sense and a lot of it we were already implementing. The problem seemed to lie in his sleep association with the breast. He had learned to fall asleep while feeding. I began the painstaking process of trying to establish new sleep associations. I was seeing some progress but he was unable to move through his sleep cycles on his own and I was at a loss. A girlfriend recommended I try moving him to a crib, so I took the plunge and purchased one. I suddenly became terrified! How was I going to separate myself from my baby who hadn’t left my side for 8 months! I didn’t know how to make this transition.

Early one morning I happened to be on facebook when I received a message from Amanda asking me how we were doing. Of course the first thing I said was, “I’m so tired, I need sleep!” It was perfect timing. Amanda said she was a sleep consultant and she would be able to help us teach Van how to sleep. I knew Amanda had implemented this method with her own two children with great success and I trusted her completely to deliver a plan that suited our desire to not have Van ‘cry it out’.

Within three nights of implementing the plan she designed for Van, he was falling asleep in his crib on his own, sleeping through the night with no night feedings and self soothing back to sleep. He was also taking two, 1 hour naps during the day. Of course there were some bumps along the way, but Amanda was always there to answer our questions, offering support and suggestions on how to remedy any challenge that arose.

Since starting this sleep method, Van has flourished and become a much happier little boy. The week after he started sleeping in his crib, he began to crawl and pull himself up on everything! Now Van is sleeping through the night and I’m beginning to feel like a human being again! I cannot say enough about how this has changed our lives. We are very grateful and highly recommend Amanda and this method to all sleepless parents out there!!”

– Andrea, Preston & Van

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