“We have the skills to work through bumps”

I am so grateful for your expertise, guidance and support! I no longer have fear of how our baby will adjust to daycare or of how his sleep deprivation is affecting his health. We still have progress to make and we will continue this journey as he develops and changes, but now we have the confidence and skills to work through bumps down the road. Our kiddo was waking up every two hours and at some points in the night would be up for over an hour unconsolably crying. Not only was it hard on us, but it was hard on him. Now I know he is getting rest, and that peace of mind is even more important than getting a full nights rest for myself (although that has been amazing). We were reluctant to work with a consultant due to the financial investment. We now, have absolutely no regrets as that investment has greatly benefited the overall health of our child and our family, which is priceless.

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