Werner family – 2 years

I just wanted to follow-up and share with you that Jen was an excellent, compassionate and informative sleep consultant.

We are so happy with the services that SleepWell Baby has provided our family. I was sooooo scared that I was going to “fall off the deep end” if I had to carry on with our sleep challenges on my own.

Now, we are all resting better, longer and enjoying life more fully.

Please know that both Jen and Erin were a delight to speak to and I am already telling others about the fabulous consultants and services available at SleepWell Baby.

Jen was so eager to respond to daily emails and give her insight via telephone at any time. I really appreciated the scheduled calls and felt at ease knowing that I could email any concerns or questions at anytime.

If you ever need an advocate for your business, keep our family in mind. I still can’t believe how fast and how inexpensive your services are. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for wonderful consultants, a program that works and the will to continue to be a resource in the future.

Update: We are forever grateful and the girls are now sleeping from 7:15 to 7:15every night!!!!!

SleepWell Baby Twin Sleep Help

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