Zakai – 4 months

There isn’t enough gratitude or thank you’s in the world to adequately express what Veronica did for our family. The bottom line is that she saved us. Plain and simple. Asif and I were hanging on by a very, very thin thread. We’re talking microscopic. From the day Zakai was born, he did anything but sleep. In fact, even in the hospital, the nurses would take Zakai to the nurses’ station to allow us some shut eye. Zakai’s sleep went from bad to worse, when at 2 months he was diagnosed with acid reflux. From that point on, he would only fall asleep in a swing or after being rocked by my husband or I. So, when his 4 month sleep regression hit, he was literally up every 60-90 minutes through the night because he came to expect those same conditions every time he awoke.

Long story short, when we heard about SleepWell Baby and the service that they provide we jumped at it. Because Zakai had such a hard time sleeping we were sure he would be the one case that they wouldn’t be able to crack…we were wrong. 2 weeks after our overnight with Veronica, Zakai fusses for 2-5 minutes eventually putting himself to sleep. It is unbelievable. She taught Zakai how to self-soothe and put himself back to sleep and she was there every step of the way supporting him and us (in fact, around day 3 I was emotionally exhausted with the process, and Veronica talked me ‘off the edge’ and helped us develop a plan that we would all be comfortable with in going forward).

Today Zakai is a happy, healthy, vibrant 4 month old baby. Full of smiles and energy and love. The sleep he now gets at night is helping him develop at an amazing pace and we owe it all to Veronica. If you are reading this at home and are questioning whether or not you should call SleepWell Baby, stop thinking and call. It will change your life.

And now I’ll end this letter by repeating the two words that constantly come to mind when Asif and I think of Veronica: thank you.

4 month old baby sleep help from SleepWell Baby

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