Zayne – 6 months old

I was at the end of my rope. Jerry works nights so it felt like a big struggle for me in the night to keep Zayne sleeping. He was sleeping pretty good, so I thought up until he was 4 months. He is now 6 months and waking up about 4-8 times a night. Jerry would sometimes get home from work in the morning, stay up with Zayne so I could sleep just a little. I was becoming frustrated and irritable. Our biggest problem was a soother. Zayne would sleep with it, it fall out or he would spit it out and wake up. I didn’t know what to do to remove it from the picture and get Zayne sleeping.

After talking with Amanda and getting our sleep plan we had the support n tools to help us get some sleep. The first night was pretty easy and we got some sleep, even though he rebelled for an hour at 1am. We still got sleep. Then from that night forward Zayne our super star sleeper sleeps from 7 to 6:30.

I feel human again with sleep and I no longer feel irritable. Jerry now gets to rest and sleep when home from work. We are all a lot happier. Thanks to Amanda we get great sleep. We were able to take a night to ourselves and go to the spa while Zayne stayed with his Auntie. He slept from 7-6 for them and he did his naps great too! He can sleep anywhere now. Woo hoo!


– Melodee

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