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“Teresa did it again!”

““Teresa did it again!””

"Teresa did it again! She saved us and gave me my sanity back! I met Teresa back in 2014 when she helped us with our then seven month old daughter. Since then my husband and I had enjoyed our evenings together and more importantly; I had a very well slept two year old! Fast forward to February 2017, we had our second daughter and with that came the expected newborn sleep survival period. In the first three months we did what had to be done to get sleep; rocking, car rides, etc. At 14 weeks she needed car rides to...

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Sanity Saver!

“Sanity Saver!”

Nichole is a sanity saviour! When I spoke to Nichole I was mentally, physically and emotional done. My son had been an amazing sleeper, until the 4 month regression hit, thinking he would bounce back from it I went through sleepless nights hoping the next night would get better.... it didn’t! After my 15 minute consult with Nichole I was sold! I didn’t care the cost or time involved, I NEEDED her!! I loved the fact that I could pick my approach to sleep training, and that she listened to my concerns and helped develop goals to reach by the...

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You have given my family such a great gift!

“You have given my family such a great gift!”

When I first contacted Sleepwell Baby, my 8-month-old son was waking up to four times a night and unable to get himself back to sleep on his own. I was up with him every time nursing, rocking and singing—whatever it took to get us some sleep. On top of the sleepless nights my son was surviving off barely there naps. Sleepwell Baby was recommended by a friend so I reached out with high hopes. We chose Jessica as our consultant and have no regrets. From our initial phone call, Jessica was incredibly helpful, dependable and not to mention knowledgeable. She...

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