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“Sanity Saver”

“& #8220;Sanity Saver””

"Nichole is a sanity saviour! When I spoke to Nichole I was mentally, physically and emotional done. My son had been an amazing sleeper, until the 4 month regression hit, thinking he would bounce back from it I went through sleepless nights hoping the next night would get better.... it didn’t! After my 15 minute consult with Nichole I was sold! I didn’t care the cost or time involved, I NEEDED her!! I loved the fact that I could pick my approach to sleep training, and that she listened to my concerns and helped develop goals to reach by the...

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Phoning Alicia and getting serious sleep help was the best gift we could ever have gotten, Eve, and ourselves!!

“Phoning Alicia and getting serious sleep help was the best gift we could ever have gotten, Eve, and ourselves!!”

I am not even sure where to begin, there has to be a better word than thank you because having a well rested baby has been such a life saver and thank you just doesn't even begin to describe our gratitude towards Alicia! We hummed and hawed about getting sleep help, thinking that it will get better on its own and after 6+ months of waking an average of 7 times a night it was time to call for help. We will never look back, Eve is so much happier and so are mom and dad! We listened to everything...

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It was worth Every. Single. Penny!

“It was worth Every. Single. Penny!”

I will recommend Sleepwell Baby to anyone struggling with sleep for their little one. My little guy, Jackson, was napping fairly well, but was waking every TWO hours at night to nurse, among other difficulties. I was exhausted and at my witts end! A friend recommended Sleepwell Baby and it was worth Every. Single. Penny!  I worked with specialist Alicia, and she was AMAZING! She was so responsive, effective and genuinely cared about helping Jackson figure out how to sleep through the night.  After two weeks with Alicia, Jackson's sleeping improved IMMENSELY! He was no longer nursing at night and...

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