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You have given my family such a great gift!

“You have given my family such a great gift!”

When I first contacted Sleepwell Baby, my 8-month-old son was waking up to four times a night and unable to get himself back to sleep on his own. I was up with him every time nursing, rocking and singing—whatever it took to get us some sleep. On top of the sleepless nights my son was surviving off barely there naps. Sleepwell Baby was recommended by a friend so I reached out with high hopes. We chose Jessica as our consultant and have no regrets. From our initial phone call, Jessica was incredibly helpful, dependable and not to mention knowledgeable. She...

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“Life Changing”

““Life Changing””

Working with Nichole was a life changer! Our breastfed 6 month old was waking every 2 hours, and needed to nurse to go back to bed. Our first night of sleep training, our girl slept 10 hours straight, and since then has been having 12 hour nights EVERY night! Her naps are consistent which makes life so much easier. Nichole was so helpful and so easy to talk to. She is very knowledgeable and also so relatable! She made us feel comfortable from day one, and always had help and encouragement with any obstacles we were faced with. We are...

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We didn’t think we’d be able to continue, but Jessica kept positively reinforcing that it was going to get easier.

“We didn’t think we’d be able to continue, but Jessica kept positively reinforcing that it was going to get easier.”

We met Jessica at an educational family fair in our small town. Our son was just over four months old at the time, and we were in a stretch of him waking up hourly in the night to nurse. He would also only nap with a soother, and it was always a fight. Knowing what we know now, the fight was because he hadn't had enough awake time before I thought he should be taking a nap. My husband was sleeping in our spare room, while me and our son bed-shared. He woke every hour. I had to go to bed every night when...

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