If you’re like me and hate to wake up any earlier than is absolutely necessary, the last thing you want to see at 5 a.m. is your child standing beside your bed, ready to start their day! While there are various sleep remedies you can use to help early risers stay in bed longer (like moving bedtime earlier), you may find that a toddler clock is a more helpful and effective solution.

introducing a toddler clock

Not sure what a toddler clock is? Keep reading to learn more about what this fun tool can do for your child’s sleep schedule.

3 Tips for Getting the Best Results with a Toddler Clock

If you’ve tested other sleep remedies and find that they’re just not doing enough to keep your early riser in bed in the morning, here are 3 tips for using a toddler clock with your little one:

toddler clock best practices


1. Give It a Fun Introduction!

Before you start using a toddler clock, have a family meeting to talk about the changes you’ll be making. Make it fun and exciting! Show your child how their new clock works and give them the “job” of waiting quietly in bed (with the hope they’ll fall back asleep!) until the green light comes on.

2. Start Small!

If your little one has been waking up at 5 a.m., it likely won’t be realistic to set the wake-up time to 6 a.m. and expect them to wait for the light to come on. Once they are successful with the earlier time, increase it in small increments until you reach the desired time

3. Be Consistent!

A toddler clock will not be an effective tool unless you are 100% consistent with enforcing the rules. If they get up before the green light comes on, remind them that they need to wait until the clock says it’s time to wake up. Be sure to celebrate their successes and make it a big deal when they stay in bed until wake time. For some children, a sticker chart or some form of reward system can be a great way to positively reinforce this routine.

Just to give you an idea of how great this toddler clock sleep system really is, let me quickly tell you about what we use with our own child: the OK To Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light.  Here are a few reasons why we like this toddler clock:

okay to wake toddler clock

  • It is battery-powered (4 AA batteries), which means it is easily portable and there are no cords to worry about near your child’s bed.
  • The parent controls are hidden in a compartment on the back and it comes with helpful instructions on how to use them.
  • The interface for kids is super easy to use: there are two buttons on the front to turn the night light on or off as well as to start a cute animation.
  • There is a nap function that works great as a timer for older kids that have transitioned from nap time to quiet time.
  • There is a night-light option, too. The light can be turned off, which, as a sleep consultant, I feel is an important feature. I always encourage clients to keep their sleep environments as dark as possible to allow for the most restorative sleep, so it’s nice having control over that once your child has fallen asleep.


A Better (and Longer) Night’s Sleep for Everyone

better sleep toddler clock

Think of a toddler clock as a way to make sleeping a fun activity (or game!) for your child. By introducing this as an exciting addition to their bedroom and consistently enforcing the rules on how to use it, you’ll find that everyone gets a more substantial night’s sleep.

Excited by the prospect of using a fun tool like a toddler clock to improve your child’s sleep schedule and the quality of your own sleep? Then enter below for a chance to win an OK To Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light.

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Good luck! And if you are using a toddler clock already, let us know any tips you may have in the comments below!

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