Holiday Travel Child Sleep Tips to Avoid Cranky KidsDoes the holiday season tend to disrupt your child’s sleep schedule? The holidays tend to be a busy time of year, with shopping for gifts, visiting family, and staying up late to enjoy the festivities. All of the hustle and bustle can definitely have an impact on your child’s sleep, so here are some simple tips you can follow to make sure your child continues to get a good night’s sleep through the holiday season.

1. Recreate the sleep environment

You might be going away for a winter vacation and staying at a hotel, or you might be spending a few nights at grandma’s house with the family. Whatever the case may be, you can recreate your child’s sleep environment by bringing along familiar bed sheets, blackout blinds, white noise machine, etc. Anything that will remind your child of his room at home will continue to promote sleep.  Also, try to complete the same bedtime ritual (dimming the lights, warm bath, brush teeth, PJs on, etc.) you do at home so your child realizes it’s sleep time.

2. Plan around your child’s sleep schedule

If you know you’re going to be on the road in the afternoon, try to schedule your trip to start 30 minutes before your child’s nap so she can start getting sleepy and eventually fall asleep during the car ride for a smoother trip. You can also try to book a flight during your child’s naptime so she is well rested once you arrive at your destination.  Try to avoid waiting past the child’s normal nap time so you do not miss the optimal window of your little one going to sleep.

3. Set an early bedtime 

If naps during the day are not possible while traveling, end the day early so your child can have an earlier bedtime than usual. This way she will not be overtired and cranky the following day.

4. Keep consistent

You want to try to stick to your child’s sleep schedule as closely as possible, but realize it’s okay for there to be some flexibility. As long as you are sticking to the routine for the majority of the time, a small disruption should not have a big impact on your child’s sleep. That being said, realize there may be times you will have to sacrifice staying out longer so you can come home and put your child to bed.

5. Return to the same schedule

Once the holidays are over, make sure you go right back to the same sleep schedule as before. Things may be a little off at first, but the sooner your child can get back on track, the better. You can also allow your child to have an earlier bedtime if he needs to catch up on some missed sleep.

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sleep consulting for familiesWritten by Amanda Hudye, Certified Child Sleep Consultant and Founder of SleepWell Baby

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