Amanda and SleepWell Baby have changed my life! I am a new mom to a beautiful baby boy named Austin. Austin has been a bit challenging from day one. He was colicky and never slept well. The longest stretch that he ever slept was four hours, and only twice in his short life. After six and a half months of barely any sleep, I contacted Amanda. Naps at our house were basically non-existent and I’d be up with Austin 5-6 times a night on a good night, nursing and/or rocking him back to sleep. We never co-slept, although I’m sure I spent many hours sleeping with him in the rocking chair in his nursery due to sheer exhaustion.

I will admit that I was skeptical that Amanda would be able to deliver on the promises she made. If I hadn’t been there first hand to witness the change, I wouldn’t believe it! Within a few nights, Austin was practically sleeping right through, 10 hours straight! Naps took a little longer to come around, but in no time, he was putting himself to sleep for naps as well. We do our routine, lay him down and leave the room. No nursing to sleep, no rocking and no soother. We have a nice daily routine going now, so I can plan our days accordingly, and Austin sleeps 10-11 hours straight every night. Austin is happier and so am I.

I must say that there were some challenging days as sleep training is not easy, and some times when I wanted to just revert back to my old bad habits, but the support, advice and encouragement from Amanda was exactly what I needed to stay consistent. Amanda was with me every step of the way, cheering me on, celebrating my successes and helping to navigate through the tough days and nights. I could not have done it without her! Thank you Amanda!!!

– Lindsay

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