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There’s a reason that they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

No, seriously, I never knew what “crazy” looked like until I was 6 months into my brand new job as a mommy. I had learned that I was grossly under qualified for the position, and I was halfway over the edge of my own sanity without even realizing it. My son was a constant night time waker and needed to sleep on someone or in a swing (until he blew the swing motor… heavy little monster that he was…) What a nightmare. Ever try to go to the bathroom while holding a 12 pound sleeping baby? It’s super fun. Life was hard and my husband and I were both feeling frustrated and dejected. I assumed we were the worst case ever and that nobody would be able to help, but after working with Sleepwell for a couple of weeks, the landscape looked entirely different. My son slept. My husband and I slept. It was not only predictable, it was easy!! It felt like a miracle.

My story is not a unique one and that is why I love this company so much. We see families at their most vulnerable, and we get to help them.

As a Sleepwell Concierge, I get to be the first point of contact for tired moms and dads. I listen to their stories and I can tell them that they don’t have to have all of the answers and that it’s ok to need some support to get through the rocky bits. It’s my job to connect our clients with the right Sleepwell consultants for them. I love being able to get a laugh from a mom who is literally at her wits end, and truthfully tell her that she WILL be able to have a legitimate bathroom break again – and she’ll get to go alone! I’m living proof that things will get better. All you need is help.

When I’m not saving lives…er… making 15 min calls for Sleepwell Baby, I’m busy chasing around my 4 year old son, battling knee high weeds in the garden (they get that big overnight, right?) and running a full time photography business in Warman, Saskatchewan.