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  • Connect:
  • Saskatchewan
  • 2 Kids
  • Expertise:
    • Twins
    • Single Parents
    • Preemies
    • Infants
    • Toddlers
    • Big Kids
    • Babies with reflux
    • Medical challenge (e.g., extreme eczema)
    • Newborns
    • Anxiety
    • Siblings
    • Sleep Stay
    • Adoptive Families
  • Works With:
    • Before Baby
    • 0 - 4 months
    • 4 - 12 months
    • 1 - 3 years
    • 4 - 8 years

Sharmayne Schmit

Sharmayne Schmit is a mom of two and wife to a husband who works shift-work and values healthy sleep, which has become an integral component to her family’s thriving home and work life.

However, it wasn’t always thriving. Having experienced first-hand the unhealthy effects of sleep deprivation herself, Sharmayne knew it was time for a change. This ultimately led to her passion to educate and empower families, by helping them reach their goals to make sleep a priority for their entire family.

Sharmayne has dealt with numerous sleep challenges with her son right from infant all the way up to toddler years. There were times that were good, but never great and always knew it could be better. After her daughter was born and began implementing healthy sleep habits from the start, she could immediately see the importance of how restful and quality sleep can have such a positive impact.

Sharmayne looks forward to supporting you along your journey of teaching your child the skill of independent sleep and instil the confidence in you knowing that you are making the healthiest choices for your family. There is nothing more rewarding then giving back the gift of sleep!

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Sleep is food for the brain. Just like food, air, and water, no one can go without sleep… though you may have a little one in your house who thinks they can! Developing healthy sleep habits early on not only benefits you at the moment but sets you and your family up for long-term success…

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7 Tips to Help Your Child Fight Fear of the Dark

We know that children need complete darkness to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sustain their melatonin production (a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness). So, what do you do if your child has a fear of the dark? Fear of the dark is one that typically develops in children around ages 2 or 3 when…

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Getting kids in a back-to-school sleep routine!

I recently had the opportunity to interview live on Global Morning News Saskatoon, to discuss how we can help our children transition into a sleep routine as we prepare for going back-to-school. To hear more about the benefits of sleep for our children and helpful tips, watch the video link included. http://globalnews.ca/news/3672655/getting-kids-in-a-back-to-school-sleep-routine/

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