Lactation Services

Prenatal Preparation

30-minute educational opportunity via skype/facetime/phone call with tips and tricks for getting breastfeeding started out smoothly.  

$75 (Discounted to $50 when paired with Breastfeeding Foundations package)

Breastfeeding Foundations

This package is specifically tailored to your family’s breastfeeding needs right from Day 1 of your new little one’s life. Completely customizable plan for both mom and babes unique strengths and a great way to set the tone for your ongoing breastfeeding relationship.  

Package Includes:

·      1 hour initial consult via skype/facetime with 

·      30 min follow up consult via skype/facetime

·      Daily email support for 1 week

$300 for virtual or in the home (must be within 1hr drive from Delia, AB)

Addressing Lactation Challenges

Like any relationship, there are always changes and challenges that must be overcome. This package aims to support mom and babe through supply changes, growth spurts, clog ducts/ mastitis, night weaning, weaning and any other challenges you may be facing. It is designed to support mom and babe dyads who already have a well-established breastfeeding relationship. 

$ 150 for 30-minute Skype/Facetime call with solution focused plan development and daily email support for 1 week.

 Ongoing Lactation Support

For those moments when you just need a little extra support in your corner! 

$75 for 1 extra week of email support or (2) 15 minute follow up calls to support your success thus far.

Sleep and Lactation Bundles

 Bundle the Breastfeeding Foundations + Getting Ready for Baby packages for $540

Bundle the Breastfeeding Foundations + A to Zzzz’s for $836