“She supported us and helped us through those first hard days and I’m so glad we had her help!”

Sleepwell Baby has made a huge difference to our sleep and our sanity! Knowing how to help our little guy to SAFELY get a good nights sleep is a huge relief to me! We couldn’t have done it without Alyssa, our sleep coach, I was just floundering trying to guess what was best for him,…

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“I can’t thank Leanne enough for offering the mental and emotional support needed during our sleep journey.”

First off, Leanne was amazing at guiding us through our sleep journey! Being first time parents and parents of twins my husband and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the lack of sleep our twins were receiving during the day. At 3months old they were sleeping through the night but the days were long…

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“Thank you to my consultant Alyssa for walking me through the first biggest milestone in my baby’s life. I can’t recommend enough what a worth while investment sleep is!”

We were taken by storm when we had our baby 6months ago. My babe cried any time I put her down and rocking to sleep was ineffective and exhausting. Nursing and cosleeping was the easiest and most natural choice for our family and it worked well for us at first. By the end of the…

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“She was so easy to connect with and never made me feel like I was failing or not doing good enough.”

She was so easy to connect with and never made me feel like I was failing or not doing good enough.

My husband and I knew that we needed to ask for help when our eight-month-old daughter, Collyns, was up six times in one night and 2 of the wakes she was up for 2 hours each.  I have never been good at asking for help, but I knew that the lack of sleep I was…

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“Exactly What We Needed”

Nichole was exactly what my family and I needed! We were struggling with my 6 month olds’ sleep and within weeks we are having consistent naps, easy bedtimes and awake only once for a planned feed. She is so friendly, and very knowledgeable!

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