“We now have a great sleeper and our family is all happier and healthier thanks to Alicia and Sleepwell Baby”

We now have a great sleeper and our family is all happier and healthier thanks to Alicia and Sleepwell Baby

After 21 months of a handful of full nights sleep my husband and I were really starting to notice the sleep deprivation our family was experiencing. My son was was waking 2-4 times a night we had tried numerous methods to sleep training none of them seemed to work finally we turned to Sleepwell, one…

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“It was worth Every. Single. Penny!”

It was worth Every. Single. Penny!

I will recommend Sleepwell Baby to anyone struggling with sleep for their little one. My little guy, Jackson, was napping fairly well, but was waking every TWO hours at night to nurse, among other difficulties. I was exhausted and at my witts end! A friend recommended Sleepwell Baby and it was worth Every. Single. Penny! …

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“The Help Provided to Me and My Family was Life-Changing”

I don’t even know where to begin when describing how great Sharmayne is.  The help she provided for me and my family was life-changing. My daughter Abby was initially a great sleeper, sleeping 8-9 hours straight from 3 weeks to 4 months old.  Then she began waking 4-12 times a night & would only fall…

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“If You Are on the Fence About Sleep Training…Do It!”

We just finished 2 weeks of sleep training our 4-month-old and Sharmayne was our consultant! We were on the fence whether or not to do sleep training since Harper was always a decent sleeper. But I always felt like her sleep could be so much better and there is always room for improvement! So, we…

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“Contacting Sleepwell was the Best Thing for My Family and Our Little One”

Contacting Heather at Sleepwell was the best thing for my family and our little one. Bedtime has turned into an easy part of our day and we couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance Heather gave us throughout this process. Heather was easy to communicate with and was always able to answer my…

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