Our baby would wake multiple, random times each night and the nights would turn into day after day of broken sleep.  Our days would not be productive as we were all exhausted.  After 5 months of never once sleeping through the night, reading the books, and thinking we could do it on ‘our own’, we turned to Alicia and SleepWell Baby for help.

Initially, I felt selfish for wanting my baby to sleep through the night for my own sake, but after Alicia explained how important a good sleep was for Gavin’s (my son) health for his brain development and growth, I felt even more motivated to make a plan!  Alicia worked with my family to create a plan that worked for US.  We have specific struggles and requests and she accommodated them into our plan.  The second night, our baby slept 10 hours, and was sleeping 12 hours by day three.  Since then, we have a happy 9 month old who consistently sleeps 12 hours a night and is now on a nap schedule.  Our family is always on the go and travelling and together we created a plan that works for us, wherever we may be, thanks to our Sleep Consultant!

Alicia checked in often and would offer any suggestions or plans for any improvements we may need along the way.  I could not believe it was so simple and how positively my baby would respond to a predictable, consistent schedule.  He needed it!  A good night’s sleep has made for a happier baby and two well rested, happy parents.