It seemed so silly to need a sleep consultant. I thought I’d be able to do this on my own. My daughter was not quite 5 months old so I thought it should be easy. I read a couple books on sleep training, but I just couldn’t do it. Not only was my daughter sleeping in the same bed as me, but she was also waking up anywhere from every 15 minutes to 2 hours, and nursing multiple times a night. To top it off, I never got to spend any quality alone time with my husband. I was exhausted and feeling hopeless. A friend told me about Sleepwell and swore it changed her life. I decided I had to try it. The very first night Barbara had me put my daughter in her own crib (which was in her own room). That night she slept 11 hours. The next night 10, then 12, then 12, then 12…it was amazing. I expected it to takes weeks to get to that point. It was well worth the money. A huge thank you (and big hug) to Barbara for saving us and changing our lives!