Before SleepwellBaby, Parker, at 7 months, woke every 2 hours on a bad night. On a good night he would sleep a 6 hour stretch, but those good nights were getting further and further apart. Seeing Parker begin to follow down the same path as my second son (who was an AWFUL sleeper form 4 – 14 months), I knew how bad night times could get. I began to panic. We tried for a week to get him straightened out on our own but things just turned much worse. Everyone was exhausted and my oldest son was seeing behavior was horrible.

Desperate for a solution, I called SleepwellBaby. They promptly returned my call for a consultation and set me up to begin immediately with Kelsey. Kelsey fit us in to her schedule and within days we were seeing improvements. The support we received through email and Skype sessions was invaluable. She cheered Parker and I on when things were going good, and offered suggestions when things fell apart. After our time together I was confident and in control.

Currently, Parker is now 8.5 months. On average he sleeps a straight 11 hours at night. Occasionally he wakes to feed during the early morning and goes back to sleep independently. I am no longer constantly tense, watching the clock, knowing exactly when he will wake next and trying to get something completed in between. I am so much more relaxed again and the best part is I have evenings to myself!

I wish I had completed this program with my second son and definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling with getting their baby to stay asleep!

Thank you SleepwellBaby!!