Prior to working with Alysa, sleep seemed like a constant challenge in our home. Monroe had just turned four months and, after traveling at Christmas, she had trouble re-adjusting to sleeping at home in her crib. Bedtime became a struggle and we were going in every 20-30 minutes to comfort her. Throughout the night, she was waking up every 1-3 hours, which resulted in extremely exhausted parents. With all of the different sleep information out there, we knew it would be extremely helpful to have the guidance of a professional. Within a week of contacting SleepWell Baby, we met Alysa online. From our first phone call, we knew we made the right decision. Alysa was so supportive as we voiced our concerns. We really appreciated how she presented different options on how we could better help Monroe to sleep. We couldn’t believe that we saw progress within the first night of sleep training! Having daily email contact from Alysa throughout the sleep training process helped to answer all of our questions and provided reassurance and guidance. Monroe is now on a consistent napping schedule during the day. At night, bedtime is more of a celebrated and enjoyable event rather than a stressful event. Her feeds have reduced to twice a night. Additionally, Monroe’s mood and eating schedule have improved; she is a happier, better-rested baby. Rather than grazing throughout the day she eats upon awakening and then has more time to play and explore! We can’t thank SleepWell and Alysa enough for helping Monroe and our family with sleep!

Nicky & Mo
Psychologist & Psychiatrist