We decided to contact Sleepwell Baby when our daughter Brooke was about 4 months old. Brooke had been a very colicky baby and my husband and I spent the first 3 months doing everything and anything we could to soothe her. She slept very little during these first 3 months. Once the colic ended, Brooke was happier but dependent on all our soothing strategies to sleep.

When we first spoke with our consultant Audrey at Sleepwell, Brooke was dependent on breastfeeding to sleep, could only be put to sleep in her crib by me, and took all her naps either co-sleeping with me, in a carrier on my husband or myself, or in the car or stroller. It’s hard to put into words how dire our situation felt when it came to lack of sleep. Audrey changed all of this. With her support and guidance, Brooke now sleeps independently in her crib for night sleeping and all naps. Both my husband and I can put her to bed, and she no longer eats to fall asleep. Brooke goes to bed in the early evening and occasionally sleeps 11+ hours without waking, otherwise, she only wakes once a night to eat, and quickly goes back to sleep.

Brooke’s nighttime sleep improved immediately when we started the program. Naps took a little longer to improve but Audrey kept us focused and encouraged us to stick with it. Audrey gave us the confidence we needed to help our little girl learn to sleep. We are now a well-rested family and Brooke is happier than ever.


– Erika