We recently contacted Jessica with Sleepwell Baby out of desperation. Our 10.5-month-old son Wyatt couldn’t sleep. Unpredictable naps, 4-5 night wakings — we were exhausted. Jessica came into our home, and together we came up with a plan. She was supportive, encouraging and full of information.

A few nights later we implemented our plan, which went better than expected. By night 3, Wyatt was sleeping 12 hours a night! Jessica remained very involved through daily check-ins, and answered our day-to-day questions almost immediately. We always felt very well supported.

Here we are two months later. We still have solid night sleeps, with minimal night wakings. Wyatt now has the tools to self-soothe, and falls back to sleep easily. We highly recommend Sleepwell Baby to anyone we encounter [who is] struggling with sleep.

An update: Wyatt transitioned to one nap a day easily [and] is napping anywhere from 1.5-2 hours daily. Hallelujah! [And] he’s sleeping soundly at night.