Before Sleepwell baby, naps and bedtimes were a stress-filled nightmare. Our son hated his crib, would wake every three hours at night, and would only settle when he was rocked or taken into our bed to co-sleep (which affected our sleep). Naps were even worse — the only way I could get him to sleep was to go for a drive or a long walk, leaving this mum even more sleep deprived. Our poor guy was so tired that he would become easily frustrated and threw frequent temper tantrums. When we contacted Sleepwell baby, my husband and I were completely exhausted and desperate for help.

Our consultant, Jessica, assessed our family thoroughly and helped us develop a sleep plan based on our family’s needs. She stayed in touch with us regularly and helped us to provide our son with the skills he needed to settle himself and fall asleep independently. The first few days were difficult, but by day five we started to see a huge change in our son’s sleep. By the end of our program our son was sleeping through the night (12 hours straight), napping twice a day in his crib and … less tantrums!

Calling Sleepwell Baby was the best decision we made for our child’s sleep issues. Our consultant helped us to understand why our child was struggling and taught us the skills we needed to help our son sleep independently. Thanks to Sleepwell Baby, bedtime and naps have become a pleasant experience for all of us. We are now a well rested, happy and healthy family.

We can’t thank you enough Jessica and Sleepwell Baby! ❤️