My husband and I were looking forward to start sleep training, knowing Alysa, trusting her and that she knows her stuff and takes her helping sleep deprived parents, seriously.  We also had close friends who would do anything for their kids who tried it and find it to help almost instantly.  I recall where they were at with sleep and their children and being skeptical along with them that a consultant was telling them confidently that this child will be sleeping by the end of the week.  It happened sooner that.

We were ready, but we were anxious. 1st time parenting and were scared that our daughter’s addiction to a soother was going to make us cry.  It turned out the soother was never an issue at all and none of the 3 of us were no longer a slave to it.  For most of the past 4-5 months of our baby’s life, we had been on a nightly schedule of sleep for 2 and up, feed and burp for about an hour.  My husband being into his 40’s and I nearing them, we did quite well, but were ready to change up that pattern any time.

Alysa met with us to pass on some of the knowledge of sleep, make a plan we were comfortable with and explain some of the science behind it.  We felt pretty confident and were clear we needed to be committed to see this work.  We followed through and were surprised how quickly our daughter slept.  Things turned around in a matter of 2 nights for us.  Naps were lengthened too.  But the best and most noticeable part for us was the smiles in our home.  Our baby started smiling and smiling a lot. So did my husband and so did I.  We were no longer scrambling to appease our daughter by trying to feed her several times in an hour to try to console her with crying in between etc and just not knowing what was wrong.  She was now happy and it became much more clear now when she needed food and when she needed sleep. Getting the sleep she needed made a world of difference, and how wonderful to see such a huge difference in her!  Previously there weren’t a great deal of moments without her being upset. Now it was completely the opposite and were few times she was upset and when she was, we knew what she wanted/needed for the most part.  It is also a great feeling to have a great deal of confidence in knowing she will sleep when we put her down to nap or for the night and whether this be at home or when we are out or if she is being looked after by her grandparents etc.  Knowing that she will sleep and how much she needs this to grow and develop and be healthy. It feels good.

From the beginning and now, my husband and I both highly recommend and are grateful to Sleepwell Baby! There is not a doubt in our mind that they can help other families, the way they did ours.