For anyone doubting about whether or not to take the plunge and get help with their little one’s sleep – do it! Going to Heather was the best decision I have made as a mom – our son slept almost 12 hours on the first night of training!

Before SleepWell I would be so stressed putting my son down for the night that I would often go to bed at 6 and 7pm just to ensure I got a few hours of rest. Added to that, each day was a rollercoaster of trying to guess when a nap was appropriate, and now knowing how to get him to sleep for naps. After going to Heather we go to bed each night knowing that we will get the rest we need in order to be the best mom and dad we can be, not only that but our little boy has just turned into the happiest baby who rarely fusses without a good reason. All of us are happier as a family, and feel so much less stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

I tell all the moms and moms to be I know that this is the best gift they can give themselves as a parent, and is more than worth the investment and the work it takes to get there.