We used Sleepwell Baby when our son was 15 weeks old and it worked wonders. Now our son is 13 months and with a move to a new house, some tummy issues and summer holidays we fell off the bandwagon with sleep and didn’t enjoy the month of July as we were all majorly sleep deprived. I didn’t know how to get us out of this rut and knew we needed outside help. I contacted Sleepwell Baby and was connected with Audrey. Audrey was very reassuring in that we can get our son sleeping again and all get back to having happier days. There was no second-guessing our plan we chose to carry out because she made it clear and easy to follow and anytime I had questions or doubts Audrey responded with the answers we needed. Within the first several nights we went from 30 minute sleeps to 8 hour sleeps to 12 hour full nights of sleep for our little guy.

There is nothing better than going into your child’s room in the morning and seeing your baby smile. Thank you, Audrey, for your guidance and aiding in his good night sleeps and happiness!


                                                                                          – Kimberley