My husband and I were astonished on how well and fast this sleep plan came into effect.  Being first time parents we were totally at a loss of how to organize our 9 month old son’s sleep and get some sanity back in our household for all of us.  We were constantly playing the guessing game as to what was bothering our son in the night and spending endless hours trying to comfort him.  Within a few nights of the sleep plan Sharmayne gave to us, our son was sleeping 12 hours straight!  It felt like a miracle!!!!  We also noticed his behavior began taking a more calmer side, and overall just being a happier baby.  And my husband and I- happier, well rested parents!  Sharmayne helped us so much through this process and was there whenever we needed her; offering advice, tips and answered all questions asked.  She really was a lifesaver.  THANK YOU!