I cannot recommend Teresa and the SleepWell Baby team enough! I truly feel that we would not have been able to accomplish the same results in doing our own research alone. The sleep plan that Teresa gave us was not only easy to follow, but it was personalized for Maddison specifically which is something that no amount of online research or books can do. One of the biggest challenges that we faced when doing our own research was that if we had any specific questions after trying a particular method, there was no one to give their advice or feedback. We felt confident implementing this plan because we had Teresa’s expertise guiding us every step of the way, quickly answering any questions as they came up. It was so nice to be given a plan to follow and to start really creating some consistency for Maddison.

Maddison is now sleeping through the entire night, and is having two naps per day that last a minimum of 45 minutes, and most often longer. We also noticed early on a huge improvement in Maddison’s temperament. She seemed to be so much happier and we realized she had probably been so overtired from not getting enough quality sleep. Maddison also seemed to develop her skills better, such as taking more interest in eating solid foods. We are a happier family all around since all three of us are now getting quality sleep! We were also left with a comprehensive “Send Off” package that covers information such as travel and future sleep milestones, so we are set up for success. I also feel that we will be better equipped to implement healthy sleep habits for any future children. Thank you Teresa and SleepWell Baby!