First off, Leanne was amazing at guiding us through our sleep journey! Being first time parents and parents of twins my husband and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the lack of sleep our twins were receiving during the day. At 3months old they were sleeping through the night but the days were long and hard. They just weren’t napping and often my time was divided between the twin that needed me more, leaving me with mom guilt about the other. It would take me 20min to rock a baby to sleep for him to only want to sleep 20min! How was I ever going to get my sanity back?! We contemplated hiring a nanny during the day just to help out but we soon realized that we needed better daytime sleep habits. That’s when we looked into Sleepwell Baby. We were put in touch with Leanne without realizing that she was also a mom to twins. What better person to help than someone who can relate to the complexities of twin parenting. Within the first day Jack went down for his nap without any assistance from that day forward we saw gradual improvements. Now, almost 6 weeks later we have our twins sleeping 11.5 hours a night and having 2 solid naps a day. They are happier and so fun to be around and as a family we have found that we are overall a lot happier. I can’t thank Leanne enough for offering the mental and emotional support needed during our sleep journey.

-Sarah and Kevin