I hit my breaking point one morning around 5am. I had been up for hours holding my baby girl as she cried uncontrollably. She had been up every 2 hours since bedtime at 6:30 pm. My normal go-to’s (feeding, soother, cuddling) were no longer working. I was dangerously tired and scared I might fall asleep while standing up rocking her. I refused to let her self soothe. I had made an attempt before and it went horribly. That’s my job as her mother, I thought. I needed to do this for her, babies are too young to do it themselves. But I was failing. I felt like I had tried everything. Feeding after naps instead of before, 3 naps, 2 naps, early bedtime, later bedtime, white noise, cutting out caffeine – none of it worked. I had to do something different. 

For months neither my daughter nor I had been sleeping. Our days were filled with constant fussing. The only thing that made her stop crying was the soother. She was madly addicted to it. I tried countless times to take it away but seeing her cry for it broke my heart. 

On this particular morning even her soother couldn’t make her happy. I emailed SleepWell Baby to ask for help. That afternoon I was booked in to meet Alysa and start our sleep plan. However, by this point I was so defeated that I told myself it wouldn’t work. I was convinced we would be the only unsuccessful family SleepWell Baby had tried to help. My daughter is NOT like other babies. This was just the way our journey was meant to be. My dream of her sleeping peacefully through the night and being a happy, well rested baby would never come true. 

Alysa was the answer to our prayers. I still can hardly believe I’m writing these words, as my baby naps after falling asleep quietly on her own, without a soother, without a bottle, without any help from me. 

It has taken a lot of work on my part, but THAT is my job as a mother – being consistent with her routine and allowing her to show me what she is capable of doing on her own. She has amazed me. The first night we started she was sleeping within 12 minutes. After the second night she could sleep 10-12 hours straight. I can’t say every night was perfect or every nap was easy. But we were making progress, and when it got hard I couldn’t allow myself to give up and throw away all we had accomplished. 

Alysa believed in Mila and I. She knew that we would be successful. She recognized my determination and resilience in other areas of motherhood and encouraged me to apply those same qualities to our sleep plan. Alysa helped me to understand the science behind all of the “rules” and that made implementing the plan so much easier. I couldn’t have done it without her supporting me every step of the way. We will be forever thankful.