I stumbled upon SleepWell Baby’s website whilst searching for a sleep consultant.  I questioned if my son was too young to start with a consultant as he was only three and a half months. I kept thinking I will wait and he will be a better sleeper as he gets older. 

The thing that really lead me to  search for a sleep consultant was I was developing anxiety about my son starting day care and not know how to sleep without nursing.

as he got older.  But I knew I had to do something before sending him off to day care. 

Reading through the SleepWell Baby website I noticed my son checked in many of the boxes: not only was needing to nurse to sleep, he was waking frequently at night (every 45 minutes-1hour), he was co-sleeping with us in our bed, he would only take cat naps, he would wake up as soon as I got out of bed, he would scream in the car because he was tired-just to name a few.

 I spent ages reading the testimonials on the SleepWell website and hoping I had found the answer!  Fast forward 2.5 weeks and I am delighted to write my own testimonial.  Who would have thought! I had my initial consult with Sharmayne and she was extremely attentive asking all the right questions and listening to really understand how my son was sleeping (or perhaps how he was not sleeping!). She tailored our plan based on my personal goals and our parenting style.  I have to admit I was skeptical to begin with.  I was going to put my son in his own crib, in his own room and not nurse him to sleep and he was going to sleep?! Within two nights he was going to sleep on his own without any fuss and only waking for two night feeds.  He has continued this and our entire family looks forward to bedtime.  He is happy, smiling and cooing in his crib and then drifts off to sleep! We are all more rested and I quickly noticed I no longer have a cranky baby because he is well rested.  

We loved working with Sharmayne. She listened, she supported, she encouraged and she instilled confidence!  I would recommend Sharmayne and SleepWell Baby to anyone who wants to invest in teaching their child the lifelong skill of good sleeping.  We could not be happier.  Thank you Sharmayne and SleepWell Baby!